Monday, September 14, 2009

ONE MORE TREATMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it is finally here, tomorrow is my last radiation treatment for the demise of Voldemort and company! The end of this journey is tomorrow and the start of a new journey begins on Wednesday. I still can't get my mental hands around it! It feels like SOOOOO long ago that I was diagnosed. Yet it was only 123 days ago.

Robert and I plan on going to dinner tomorrow at the sushi restaurant we went to the day I was diagnosed (I was not about to cook that night and I sure as heck do not plan on cooking tomorrow!!! ... ok, so I will use any excuse to not have to cook!) and we intend to crack open a 1992 bottle of Dom Perignon (sorry Peggy, I know we said we would both open our bottles of 2006 Zichichi to celebrate, but I think champagne trumps a Cabernet for this, and I forgot we had the champagne... and I do like champagne!). The big dilemma is when to have it. Should we have it for cocktails before we go to dinner or have it when we come back (yes alcohol will play a big part of our celebration ... did I ever mention just how drunk I got the night before surgery ... ?) OR if we opt for after we come back, will it taste as good after my saki (can't have sushi without saki). Such a dilemma.

I am now working 4 hours a day until the 28th. Its definitely tiring and my arms/chest do hurt and numbness does get worse afterwards, but I think easing into it makes so much more sense (yes Jinny/Sherry I did learn after that one 8-hour day ... I'm not Polish, Blonde and female for nothing!!!). I actually feel like I am making progress in reconnecting the work synapsises and getting some things accomplished and future projects outlined.

I did get gifts for my two radiation technicians and Dr. Miercort's head nurse (will give it to them tomorrow). These amazing women have made this part of the journey fun and upbeat so I couldn't let the moment pass without showing them how much I appreciated their sarcasm and wit.

What have I learned through all of this .... think I will save those thoughts for tomorrow's blog.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Love, Kathie

Thursday, September 3, 2009

29 Down ... 7 To Go!

Well, as the title states, I have undergone 29 radiation sessions and ONLY have 7 more to go (last one scheduled for 9/15 ... WHAOO). My skin started really breaking down, so they switched my radiation plan a bit. Originally I was scheduled for 28 whole breast radiation sessions and then 8 sessions of a more "focalized -- boost" radiation. Well when the skin started having issues, they thought instead of giving me a break for a few days to give my skin a chance to heal, they would start the boost and then continue with the whole breast radiation after the 8 sessions. Which is where we are today. I can't believe we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

I went back to work on Tuesday full-time and realized by the end of the day that my body just couldn't handle being at the desk for 8 hours. My energy was zapped, my arm had some mobility issues, plus the radiation issues. So I will now be working 4 hours per day for the next few weeks and go back to work full-time on the 28th. This way it gives me a chance to ease back into work and get my strength back.

Sorry to be so short today, but I'm pooped!!!!! Thanks for hanging in there!