Friday, August 14, 2009

15th day of Radiation

Still not glowing (but haven't tried standing under a black light ... so don't know for sure!). ONLY 21 more sessions to go. Met with Dr. Miercort today (radiation doctor). He confirmed the effects that I am experiencing from the radiation are normal (sternum feels like I have been pounded on by a gorilla, my right side is such a pretty color ... think ripe strawberries, my chest skin is feeling like someone is pulling the saran wrap a little too tight and by noon I feel like a washed out dishrag. Gee, what a great picture I describe, but other than the above, I feel peachy keen!

Life in the Spitzer household will be changing drastically this weekend. Jason decided about 10 days ago to desert us and move to Greensboro, NC (I didn't think my cooking was that bad!). I wonder if the fact that his girlfriend is heading back to Elon (NC) tomorrow has anything to do with his decision! Melissa - who lives in Naples, is such a FANTASTIC woman and who possess all of the qualities you hope your children would find in a girlfriend/boyfriend (and she is really cute too … plus I think she can actually get him to keep his new apartment clean!! … what a woman!). If he doesn't get into law school (keep your fingers crossed that he hears something next week), he will be joining the "real world" and looking for that horrible 3 letter word ... JOB. He already has a roommate and is pretty psyched to start a new life (Robert and I are both jealous and sad at the same time). As for Elizabeth, she is heading back to Vanderbilt tomorrow (actually first to her mom's mountain home in NC for a few days and then onto Nashville on Thursday). Robert will be flying to Nashville on Thursday to help her get settled into her new dorm room. Nancy (Elizabeth's mom) will be helping her unpack, Robert will do all of the electrical connection stuff and Elizabeth has recruited a few boys to help with the heavy unloading … her room is on the 3rd floor with no elevator (way to go Elizabeth!!!). Wish I could be part of this "fun" but I have my rendezvous with Dr. Miercort!

So other than what I mentioned above, life is pretty much the same. Definitely miss my mom though. Since she went back to NJ on Monday, we are back to having to cook for ourselves and we don't have a regularly scheduled cocktail hour! BUMMER!!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Kathie

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