Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 5 of Radiation

Today I go in for my 5th radiation treatment. It still amazes me how fantastic the people at the hospital are. They make a stressful situation "enjoyable" and "pleasant" if you can utilize such words for a treatment/situation that is frying your insides. Oh well!!!! The treatments don't hurt, you just lie on this table and the machine rotates around you and zaps for about 30 seconds each time. The tattoos are little black dots (a total of 6). I still want to paint the ceiling as it really bugs me that its a boring white (sorry Elizabeth ... she keeps giving me the look to "shut up please about the stupid white ceiling, gotta love that kid!). She made the most beautiful cupcakes last night for me to bring to the hospital today (thanks sweetie!). They look like sunflowers (if I knew how to post a picture I would include it!). I am sure they will be a big hit with the technicians.

While I was in the changing room on Wednesday, a woman came into the room crying. I was so concerned for her that it was bad news. But it was the best possible news ... she just finished her last radiation treatment. She was so happy, I couldn't stop hugging her as she cried in my arms. What a great feeling!

Also on Wednesday after my treatment, Kay came over for my weekly reflexology appointment (thanks again Lynn, Dennis and Danielle and of course Raymond .. the dog... who was only born a dog but doesn't realize that he is one). It feels so great to have this done and all of the research I have seen indicates that it does have a positive effect on treatment! Afterwards, I feel like "just peel me a grape".

The tiredness has started to set in. After yesterday's treatment, by the afternnoon I was ready to just lie down and not move. Will see what happens today. At least I have the weekend off from treatment.

My mom comes on Monday for a week long visit. Can't wait to see her. The radiation people said she can come into the room and see what is going on so that she can understand the treatment and lessen her worries. I know I am looking forward to all those things a mother does ... cooking, cleaning, ironing, filing, cockail hour, etc. She doesn't realize that we have been compiling a list of to-do's for her! Glad she doesn't have a computer and can't read this or she might consider cancelling her flight!

Well have to run to my appointment and "kill Voldermort". Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. u r such a trooper. Get the Spitzer boy to peel those grapes, one for you and one for Kay. One per minute for each of you would the perfect added touched. Love u

  2. good luck tomorrow! that's your 2nd opinion appointment right?

  3. Hi Kathy! Glad to head the treatments are going well, and that your spirits are up. It's wonderful to hear that you are so surrounded by loving friends and family, too! Here's a virtual hug for you!!

  4. Hi Girlfriend
    Let me know how you do at "Moffit" tomorrow.
    I will try and call you later in the afternoon.
    Aug 2009 -
    1 year remission again for Ovarian Cancer Yeah!!!!!